Terms and Conditions

Updated: 29/02/2024

The usage of the following web page (“Awork”) is regulated by the terms and conditions developed by LTD “Awork” (VAT number 405583676, address: Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, Zurab and Teimuraz Zaldastanashvili St., N16, Commercial space N5, floor 1).

Please take the time to read these terms that regulate the usage of “Awork” carefully. By accessing the web page, or using the content published there, you confirm that you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions incorporated herein by reference, including any future modifications that may be made by LTD “Awork” occasionally. The changes will be posted on the website. By your continued access or use of the services, you represent that you agree with the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. “Awork” – a web page (site) and mobile applications ( https://awork.ge ) under the ownership of LTD “Awork”.
  2. "Holding company” – Holding company of “Awork” – LTD “Awork” (VAT number 405583676, address: Tbilisi, Saburtalo district, Zurab and Teimuraz Zaldastanashvili St., N16, Commercial space N5, floor 1);
  3. “Seeker” – A natural person, who uses “Awork” services, publishes or seeks desired information;
  4. “Organization” – A juridical person, who uses “Awork” services;
  5. “Job seeker” – A natural person, who uses “Awork” services, publishes or seeks desired information;
  6. “Vacancy” – A vacancy announced by the “Organization”;
  7. “Announcement” - A vacancy announced by the “Organization”;
  8. “Resume/CV” – Professional and academic history of the customer/user;
  9. “Application” – A customer’s submitted CV to the vacancy and their profile;
  10. “Platform” – https://awork.ge – the website managed by the “Holding Company”;
  11. “Organization Profile” – Digital space used by the “Organization” while using Awork service;
  12. “User Profile” - Digital space used by the user while using Awork service;
  13. “Us” – Web page (site) and mobile applications owned by LTD “Awork” ( https://awork.ge ).
General Conditions of the Agreement
  1. “Awork” is a company that connects “Job Seekers” and “Organizations” with each other.
  2. “Holding Company” does not own the vacancies posted on “Awork” and the jobs published on the “Platform” is owned by “The Organizations” that use “Our” service.
  3. “Holding company” gives “Users” online/digital access to the vacancies posted by the “Organizations”;
  4. „“Holding Company” gives “Organizations” access to business profile after registration.
  5. The information you share must not:
    1. Be false, inaccurate and must not mislead the “User”.
    2. Serve fraud, lie or abuse of trust.
    3. Contain material that infringes or misappropriates the rights of a third party or damages their material or non-material entity.
    4. Contain material that damages the dignity of a third party or a reputation of a business.
    5. Promote discrimination on the basis of someone’s religion, ethnicity or other minority status.
    6. Contain threatening material.
    7. Constitute for a criminal offence.
    8. Support or provoke extremist or terrorist events.
    9. Contain pornographic content.
    10. Contain advertisements (other than the entities, products or services posted by Awork), it is prohibited to refer to another web page in a vacancy.
    11. Violate the current legislation of Georgia in any way.
Subject to Agreement for Organizations:
  1. The subject to agreement for “Organizations” is the usage of “Awork” services in exchange for the cost of them, such as:
    1. Publishing “Vacancy” on “The Platform”;
    2. Having access to “Users” database;
    3. Access to different “Business profile” features;
    4. Marketing activities;
Subject to Agreement for the Users:
  1. The subject to agreement for the users is the usage of the following free services of the “Platform”, such as:
    1. Making a “CV” on the “Platform”;
    2. Finding “Vacancies” on the “Platform”;
    3. Submitting “Application” to the “Vacancy” from the “Platform”;
    4. Managing submitted and saved “Vacancies”;
    5. Subscribing to the categories;
  2. The subject to this agreement for the “Users” is the usage of the following paid services of the platform, such as:
    1. Profile visibility for the “Organizations”;
Registration for the organizations:
  1. In order to use the “Awork” “Platform”, the “Organization” must first complete the registration form.
  2. Upon registering on “Awork”, an “Organization” is required to fill in the following details about their company in the appropriate fields:
    1. Company name;
    2. VAT number;
    3. E-mail;
    4. Contact person phone number;
    5. Password;
    6. Additional information requested by the “Holding company” (if any);
  3. Before completing the registration, “Organization” must confirm that they agree with the Terms and Conditions of “Awork”.
  4. By using “Business Profile”, “Organization” has an opportunity to use the following services/features:
    1. A module related to the management of the “Organization”;
    2. Recruitment module;
    3. Analytics module;
  5. The “Organization” is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information/data posted on the business profile.
  6. An "Organization" is responsible for any action taken on the business profile. The "Organization" is solely responsible for all negative consequences and damages caused by its disclosure of any information necessary for their usage of the business profile to a third party.
  7. By registering on our platform, you allow us to use your data to provide personalized offers for your business via sms, email or digital advertising.
Registration for users:
  1. Registration on the web page of “Awork” is free of charge. You have three alternatives for authorization process, “User” should either indicate their phone number, where they will receive an activation code and then provide their personal information and password, or authorize using Facebook or Google “Account”.
  2. Please, keep your password confidential and do not disclose it to any third party.
  3. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on the web page under your account, even when it’s done by a third party. You, as an “User”, take on the obligation to immediately contact us in case of the violation of privacy policy.
  4. If you provide inaccurate information, you are allowed to correct any information on your account at any time after signing up.
  5. “Awork” does not have any access to the data of bank cards used by the user when purchasing services on the website, such as card number, card security code, etc.
  6. The card saved by the customer on the website for future payments is stored on the secure server of the bank.
  1. In order to use the website, authorization is required from “User” and “Organization” after completing the registration and verifying the "Account".
  2. Authorization is done through the universal identifiers of the user and the "Organization".
"User", their age and warranties
  1. In order to use the website, the user must be at least 18 years of age or older, otherwise the consent of their legal representative is required. By agreeing to these Terms and by accessing or using “Awork” services, “User” confirms and provides their consent that:
    1. They represent a capable, natural person who has reached the age of 18 or has the consent of a legal representative;
    2. Does not constitute an object of fraud, violence, threats, coercion and deception, misleading or other unlawful and prohibited acts by Vili or any other third party;
    3. Fully acknowledges the content of expressing one's will, the essence of these terms and conditions and consequences, including legal ones;
    4. "User" has or has received full authority to use the “Awork” website, application and services without limitation and to perform the obligations set out in these Terms and Conditions;
    5. Has read and fully understands these Terms and Conditions as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy;
    6. All information provided by them is accurate and truthful and their actions are not and will not be directed in the future to deceive “Awork” and/or any related third party;
    7. ”User" indicates their consent that during the phone conversation (both incoming and outgoing calls) the dialogue between the parties are recorded by “Awork” and can be used both for service improvement and in cases specified by law.
    8. ”Awork” has full authority to ask for indemnifying in case of breaching of the obligations and warranties under these terms. “User” consents to indemnify to “Awork” and protect it from any damages, complaints, any costs incurred, any legal processes or any other liabilities that may arise as a result of such violation.
Payments by the "Organization"
  1. Vacancy
    1. The "Organization" pays the service fee of posting a “Vacancy” by cashless payment - by bank card or invoice by bank transfer.
    2. The "Organization" chooses the desired type of "Vacancy" and the cost of services (including VAT) depends on it.
    3. Types and prices of "Vacancies" are available on "Business Profile".
    4. The "Holding Company" takes responsibility for the operation of the payment through the "Website" and for the elimination of the problem, if there is any.
Making resume/CV and submitting it through the “Platform”.
  1. After completing the registration form, “User” can create their own resume on the platform, which they will be allowed to use when submitting an application to a vacancy. Additionally, "Users" are allowed to upload their own CV on the profile.
  2. "User" is required to provide accurate information when making their resume.
  3. "User" is allowed to update and edit their resume at any time;
  4. "User" can apply for certain vacancies without leaving the "Platform" using the "Send CV" button. The "Organization" will receive the resume sent from the "Platform" both by e-mail and on their "Business Profile".
  5. “User” is allowed to make the profile visible to organizations, by doing of which organizations will be able to view the user profile/resume in the relevant database.
  6. “User” can upload an additional motivational video in a resume and its length must not exceed 2 minutes.
  7. The resume of an “User” is not visible to other users.
  8. "User" is allowed to download "CV" created on the platform in PDF format.
Posting a vacancy
  1. “Organization" posts a "Vacancy" using the "Business Profile".
  2. "Organization" chooses the type of "Vacancy" while posting it.
  3. "Organization" is obliged to provide correct, truthful and up-to-date information when publishing a “Vacancy”.
  4. In order to publish a "Vacancy", the vacancy must contain at least the following information: (A) Type of "Vacancy"; (B) the title of the "Vacancy"; (C) a description of the "Vacancy"; (D) method of payment; (E) posting date and duration.
  5. "Organization" decides the date and duration of the publication of the "Vacancy" while posting it. Based on the type of a "Vacancy", the maximum duration of the "Vacancy" is determined.
  6. If "Organization" uses a bank card payment method during the publication of a “Vacancy” and the transaction is successful, the "Vacancy" will be published at any time.
  7. If “Organization” uses invoice payment as a method of payment during the publication of a “Vacancy”, the vacancy will be posted after the amount has been transferred to the bank account of the “Holding Company” or the Organization will send a payment receipt to the “Holding Company” before the transfer.
Content of the vacancy, restrictions and guarantees
  1. „ორგანიზაცია“ პასუხისმგებელია “ვაკანსიის”განცხადების შინაარსზე და „მმართველ კომპანიას“ არ შეიძლება დაეკისროს არავითარი პასუხისმგებლობა, “ვაკანსიის” არსობრივ შინაარსთან დაკავშირებით.
  2. Organization" is required to comply with the following rules when publishing the text of the "Vacancy":
    1. The announcement must not contain insults, discrimination and/or threats;
    2. The statement must not contain information that could damage the reputation of a third party;
    3. The statement must not contain false information;
    4. The statement must comply with the norms of general business ethics;
    5. The application must not infringe the intellectual property of a third party;
    6. The application must not violate the norms provided by the legislation of Georgia;
  3. The "Holding Company" is required to gradually monitor the content of the vacancies posted on the "Website";
  4. "Holding Company" has the right to remove any vacancy that does not meet the requirements of sub-paragraph 12.2;
  5. “Holding Company” is not required to refund the purchase price of the “Vacancy” if “Organization” fails to comply with the requirements of sub-paragraph 12.2;
Intellectual property
  1. "Awork", its content, structure and design are protected by LTD “Awork” copyright. The exclusive rights apply to any intellectual property created and registered by “Awork”, including its trademarks. Copyright (©) and other intellectual property rights apply to “Awork” and all of its content (including products and services). Unauthorized use, processing of any information/content of "Awork", including logo, pictogram, photograph, image, patent, service/trademark, design, created visual media and the usage, modification or publication (including on social media) of other intellectual property without the prior written consent of the “Holding Company” is prohibited..
  1. If you agree to the general terms and conditions, we give you the right to use free, non-exclusive access to the "Awork" website, you are not allowed to transfer this license to anyone else. If your account is terminated, your non-exclusive license will also be revoked.
  2. You do not have the right to decompile, reverse engineer or access the source code in any other way while owning the license. You have no right to damage the Vili application work system or attempt to access unauthorized data in any way.
  3. You are obliged to stop using the "Awork" application upon any termination of the license granted to you.
  1. "Holding Company" does not guarantee that it will provide service to "User" continuously or free of errors. If there is any error, our team will take care of it as soon as possible. Please note that service may be limited due to technical issues.
  2. “Awork”, its representatives, directors and employees are not liable to you if you are harmed by depending on the continuity of the “Holding Company” service.
  3. Financial liability for the breach of contract by the “Holding Company” is limited to 1000 GEL. "User" will be entitled to claim the compensation only if "Awork" breaches the contract.
  4. "Holding Company" may terminate your account in case of any breach of your obligations under this agreement, or if we consider that you pose a threat to the company.
  5. The "Holding Company" does not guarantee that posting a vacancy on the platform is equivalent to automatically finding a staff. Also, the "Holding Company" does not guarantee that submitting an application to a vacancy is equivalent to getting hired.
  6. The "Job Seeker" and the "Organization" negotiate an agreement with each other and the formation of an employment contract depends on them.
  7. “Holding Company" is not responsible for the lawful actions, performance and subsequent activities of the employee as well as unfair treatment by the employer.
Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions
  1. "User" and "Organization" will receive a notification on the "Website" and/or on e-mail if there is any significant change on the site. Your continued access or use of the “Website” after the date of the new Terms constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms.
  1. In case of any suspicious activity, requesting your personal data on behalf of our company, discovering fake website of our company or having questions and comments about these terms and conditions, any errors regarding registration process and/or making changes to the registered data, please contact us at: legal@awork.ge