Kitchen Chef

31 აბაშიძის ქუჩა, თბილისი
სრული განაკვეთი
3-5 წელი
29 მაისი - 28 ივნისი

ვაკანსიის აღწერა

Job Description


Kitchen Chef

Reports to:

Executive Chef


CDP Open Kitchen Area, Production Team, Admin assistant

External Relation:

Suppliers, Maintenance People

Summary of Position:

Responsible for Ordering, receiving storing and repairing quality standard food on a timely manner. Make sure food cost, waste and staff meal cost are as per company budget, maintain great friendly relationship between team members, assign duties as needed to complete the jobs on a quality and timely manners.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Make sure the kitchen has enough products for the team to prepare the recipes as per business needs.

  • Make sure on hand count is taken everyday and the ordered quantity is as per business needs, the purchase order is recorded on our inventory system and the supplier and purchasing manager have been notified.

  • Make sure the temperature log is being logged on a daily and hourly basis as per temperature log sheet.

  • Make sure the opening and closing checklist are done properly, line check is done by all cooks before the opening hours.

  • Make sure to check the expiry date quality and damaged products while receiving and return all non conforming products.

  • Schedule all employees as per business needs, report to HR any absence, missing clock out or approved sick leave.

  • Make sure all food is stored as per the right temperature, no food left out of the fridge.

  • All team members are following the prep sheet and recipe cards, taste all sub recipes as needed to verify food quality as per company standard.

  • Be available during rush time on the line observing ticket time and quality of food.

  • Follow up on production items, make sure all info is logged on the production sheet, waste sheet and staff meal sheet.

  • Assign breaks for the team as needed make sure your team is full and ready for the service as per business needed.

  • Follow up on cleaning duties and make sure the restaurant is clean at all times, night shift closing duties are done properly.

  • Review and sign  the waste sheet, production, and staff meal every day.

  • Conduct inventory count at the end of every month.

  • Report all maintenance malfunctioning equipment and make sure they are repaired on time.


  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role.

  • Well understanding of HACCP and food safety

  • Italian kitchen experience, pasta and pizza at least

  • Experience in leading a team of 10 people and above

  • Good knowledge of words and excel

  • Experience in POS systems and inventory management system

  • Good people skills, empathetic to others


  • COGS

  • Quality and time of served food

  • Relationship with team

3000-4000 ₾
დასაქმების ტიპი
სრული განაკვეთი
სამუშაოს ტიპი
ქართული, English
3-5 წელი
Good knowledge of words and excel, leading a team, Good people skills, empathetic
დამსაქმებლის შესახებ
ადმინისტრაცია, ბიზნეს-კონსულტაცია, მომხმარებელთან ურთიერთობები, ჰორეკა
Classic Neapolitan Cuisine
31 აბაშიძის ქუჩა, თბილისი, საქართველო
სოციალური ქსელები
29 მაისი - 28 ივნისი